At Mynt, Our goal is to streamline and simplify the process in which clients get qualified for a mortgage and plan their financial future during and and after a divorce. 

60% of divorce lawyer bills typically are settled with the client at about 50 cents on the dollar, let Mynt help you get more of your billings

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Delivering More Choices As Your Divorce Expert Lending Partner

Mynt has over 24 years of experience in helping divorce clients.

“It has been amazing utilizing MYNT’s resources. My firm has been utilizing MYNT’s Lending and Real Estate resources to assist my clients. Their knowledgeable team of licensed originators and agents understand the needs of a client in a legal proceeding. I recommend and refer all my clients to MYNT. “
David Sambrith – San Diego CA ​

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Mynt help my business grow?

This is a great question and probably the most important question you can ask! Your time is extremely valuable and in most situations, in a legal proceeding time is of an essence. MYNT and its professional Lending and Real Estate Disposition Partners specialize in divorce and legal proceedings. MYNT’s “One Source Solution platform” allows you to spend more time at cultivating more business than trying to micro-manage your existing client portfolio. We will handle everything from automated document orders such as Appraisals, Title prelim, property profiles to Lending and Real Estate solutions. We have helped hundreds of law firms become more streamlined by utilizing their valuable time more effective. As your partner, our sole function is to be your added value resource center.